[RUMOR]: Sony’s New 3D Technology Trailer Revealed as PS4

11 Jan

A leaked trailer has been making the rounds that confirms the earlier posts from the Playstation blog that point to the PS3’s 3-D capabilities.  The trailer shows what appear to be scientists monitoring a man as he plays a first person shooter while wearing a set of “Real D” 3-D glasses.  Suddenly the image begins to be too much for the man, as he yanks off the glasses.  A grimace on his face turns to a smile as the word “PS4” appears on the screen.  Here the video:

If a real trailer, it raises many questions.  Are Sony going against their longevity plans for the PS3 by announcing a new console, or is this a new firmware update restructuring the system as the “PS4” while keeping the same hardware?

Here is some picture of Sony Playstation 4 concept:


Well folks it seems that the viral vid was in fact fake, as Sony announced moments ago:

Sony hardware PR representative Al de Leon just realeased the following: “I can confirm that this video is not from SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment].”


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One response to “[RUMOR]: Sony’s New 3D Technology Trailer Revealed as PS4

  1. larry

    September 17, 2013 at 02:05:06

    Now that THE REAL PS4 info and pic’s of console has shown you the true design I think you would delete your fantasy based article , you were WRONG! lmao ……………


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