Confusing, Tough Job.. @_@

22 Feb

Building API (Application Programming Interface) for RBT (Ring Back Tone) using Web Service such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Service Description Language).

This is confusing task cause lack of technical documentation and mechanism explanation about rule and step to build this API. On the doc says “The 3rd party downloads *.n files from the CRBT platform via FTP protocol, and these files will been updated to the local MySQL databases inte 3rd party.”

So the schemes are:
User → Search RBT → doRequest() to get file data using SOAP → get response from server (URL) → Hit back to those URL to download file using FTP → read the file → store the data to MySQL → display songs data to user → user select song → subscribe() → BuyTone()

What the F…….. @_@

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One response to “Confusing, Tough Job.. @_@

  1. Pankaj

    January 20, 2012 at 18:23:23

    can you send me the whole source code for updating data in mysql using php via android…
    please send m urgent…. it required to complete my project….


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