iPad 2 will Launch on March

02 Mar

iPad 2 will be a Gadget Star!!

There are many reasons to support the release of new Apple iPad 2. This not just a rumor and definitely not a lame guess. Apple had been tweaking their iPad for quite some time but for some real improvement, they might as well launch a brand new iPad. I am not sure about the name though, but Apple likes to name their sequels with numbers rather than juggled up words, so we can go for iPad 2.

All other companies are focusing on tablet PCs rather than Pads, but it would be just a matter of time before we see several leading gadget companies competing for their respective Pads (or whatever they might like to call them). So Apple needs to be focused and deliver more than just a single iPad with few software and OS tweaks.

Since, Apple’s iPad doesn’t have a hardware choice, like a different version with smaller screen or without camera or different quality of camera; therefore people had to satisfy themselves for a 9” version. A 9” display size is nice in every aspect but it makes the iPad a little too big to take anywhere comfortably. That’s why, Apple must give people few choices regards their iPads.

The possible release date is by the end of this year, i.e. 2010 or precisely, around Christmas. That’d be a nice gift for all of us.

Anyway, wondering about the room for improvements? Here, have a look!

A Smaller Screen Size

As I said above that 9” display is a little too big and doesn’t help in every aspect of a journey. So, what we need is to downscale the screen by 1 or 2 inches.Amazon’s Kindle got a very strong attention of people because of the choices it gave regarding its screen. Also, 7” display size is wonderful with many aspects, like taking it for a walk with you, enjoying some lonely moments, sharing something with friends, all of this, without carrying a heavy gadget in your backpack.

Also, a 7” or so, display size won’t trouble us with pictures or videos or reading PDF, docs, presentations, etc. So, seriously, why can’t we have an option of a 7” iPad? Of course we can and as long as Steve Jobs understands this, we are good to go with our fantasies.

Now, what would happen with iPad apps? Would they need a complete makeover or some replacement of coding here and there? Who knows?! I am not an iPad app developer. But I can only guess that those great brains will find a way to fit their amazing applications with the new iPad without much modification. Games will still look good on the new screen and we would be able to have fun just like before.

A better Screen Resolution

iPhone 4 has a better display than iPad, no doubt about it! That’s why many people want to work on their iPhone 4 rather than iPad because of the technology, ‘Retina Display’. We can hope for the same technology to make its way to iPad 2. May be, a better one that can blow away iPhone 4’s screen quality.

iPhone 4’s Retina Display is already blowing away several Smartphones and tablets, that’s why it’s definitely possible that a better display than Retina Display, would bring a surge of customers to iPad 2 over other gadgets for the same features. Retina Display brought liveliness in iPhone 4 and it can do the same with iPad 2.

A better screen resolution and quality would even calm down some disgruntled customers, who might not like a 7” iPad 2.

Facetime is Necessary

Let’s face it! Who would not want to chat with a buddy on a 7” display with amazing quality? Facetime made it possible to video chat without paying or compromising the cellular bills. Video conferencing over Wi-Fi was an amazing idea to include in iPhone 4 and it would give iPad 2 a jump start over other tablets and pads should they arrive at the same time in market.


With a smaller screen, we can have a lighter iPad. With a better Screen Resolution, we can have an amazing visual experience like we do on iPhone 4. With Facetime included, sharing on Wi-Fi would a heck lot fun than before.

Amazon’s Kindle 2 is still a great competitor for iPad, even if it’s smaller and mono-chrome. The light weight, book-like experience and better shades for fine readability makes it a great companion on the way. iPad has its own virtues over Kindle 2.

So we hope that Apple creates a better iPad by the end of this year that we can enjoy with our whole heart.


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